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A New Payment Processor in Town: Dwolla

Your organization has a great fundraising campaign, now all you need is an easy way for people to donate, a way that won’t cost your organization a ton of fees. Dwolla is a payment network that lets users send, request and accept money and it is affordable. 

What separates Dwolla from other payment processors? The fees, the average payment processor charges 3% per transaction, but Dwolla only charges a transaction fee of .25 per transaction for any amount over $10. Any transaction under $10 is free. 

In addition, the Dwolla site notes that the fee is automatically charged to receiver, but the sender can also choose to pay the transaction fee. 

Dwolla offers non-profits several different ways to use their payment-processing network. For collecting donations, non-profits can add a donate now button to their website, integrate Dwolla into their existing system or download the mobile app. Using the mobile app gives non-profit’s the ability to collect donations at any event at any time. 

Also, non-profits can use Dwolla to manage their money. Dwolla offers mass payment processing services and it can be used to process recurring payments. Dwolla makes it easy for organizations to transfer money between Dwolla and their existing financial institute. 

There is no charge to set up a Dwolla account. There is also no charge to request money, send money or set up recurring payments. 

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